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Aamer Habib is a Businessman, and an investigative Journalist, Article Writer  and News Reader  in Pakistan and UAE. He has hosted many Television programs like Sab k Samne , Today with Aamer Habib, Currently he is hosting a program Special Investigation with Aamer Habib etc. He has also worked in Pakistan Television News (PTV NEWS) and International Newspaper. In Special Investigation with Aamer Habib he is exposing crimes or any illegal acts. He has exposed many stories like Police Corruption, Milawat Mafia, Doctors Corruption, Poverty issue, Water Problem, One Wheeling results, Child Labor, Barma issue . .

He is also an expert Business Growth , Advertising and Marketing Consultant and Trainer. He is helping people in starting and Advertising their business in UAE and Pakistan. He has more Two Hundred (200+) Successful Business and Marketing ideas. He Has also written a famous book with the name of Life and Business.

Media Coverage Expert

Aamer Habib is  very Expert in Media Coverage. He knows One Media Story can change the scene dramatically. He Has strong relation, Knowledge and expertise with all famous Television (TV) Channels, Newspapers, Magazines and Radio Station in Pakistan and UAE. Businessmen contacts to Aamer Habib for their products and Business Media Coverage. He is promoting, Publishing their stories, businesses or Products by Television, Newspapers, Magazines,Radio, Social Media and online marketing etc. He provides best channel, very suitable time with lowest cast.

Solve Your Problems

Aamer Habib has huge experience in many fields of life like Business, Journalism, Advertising and Marketing and Fitness. So he decided to help those who wanted to Achieve huge success and they wanted to change their life. He is spending two hours for people question answers everyday. Any One can contact to Aamer Habib those who are facing Health and Fitness problems, Business Failure Problems, Advertising and Marketing issues, Problems in career Choosing. If someone has great ideas and wanted to share he can share on This website.

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