Female Voters percentage; 44 in Punjab & Sindh, 43 in KPK, 42 in Balochistan “Aamer Habib Breaking News”

Latest News - Public TV Media - Aamer Habib

Latest News – Public TV Media – Aamer Habib

Pakistan has 10 crore 59 lakh 55 thousand and 409 voters in all. 44.1% are female and 55.9% are male.

(Reported by Aamer Habib) The highest percentage of women voters lies in Islamabad as 47% while the lowest one lies in FATA as 40%. There are 56% men voters and 44% women voters in 5 managing units in Karachi. According to the careful calculations of Election Commission, the number of female voters is 32lakh in 5managing units in Karachi, 23 lakh in Lahore, 19 lakh in Faisalabad, 14 lakh in Rawalpindi and 12 lakh in Gujranwala.  For more news, keep reading Public TV News.


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