Internal Fight of PTI Came to the Sight “Aamer Habib Special Reprt”

Public TV Media - Aamer Habib News

Public TV Media – Aamer Habib News

“Who Is Not in the Play, What Kind of Dispute With Him?”: ShahMehmoodQureshi.“He Is Not Eligible to Get Answer Even”: Jahangir Tareen

(Reported by Aamer Habib) Shah MehmoodQureshi further challenged Jahangir Tareen saying that if you have then come face to face instead of being malicious and conspiratorial. He claimed that he can sacrifice on his behalf to make Imran Khan the president. Jahangir Tareensaid that PTI started the politics of picket, the distribution of tickets must be justified. It is still in veil who is creating misunderstandings between PTI members. For more news, keep reading Public TV News.

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