The Reason of Leaving Party Is Behavior, Not Ticket”: Zaeem Qadri “Aamer Habib Latest News”

Public TV Media - Latest News

Public TV Media – Latest News

“Rid Got Of ZaeemQadri”: WaheedAlam

(Reported by Aamer Habib) Zaeem Qadri said that he doesn’t want to clear again and again what he has done for the PMLN but he’s facing an insulting attitude from the party since the last 10 years. He revealed that he faced imprison for 7 months for the party when he was a General Secretary to the party till 2007. But when he freed, he got dismissed of the charge. He showed regret that he passed through imprison for the party, not for a case but the same party did not valued him. For more news, keep reading Public TV News.

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