“There Is a Difference of Heaven and Hell between Imran Khan and Me”: Ayesha Gulalai | “News By Aamer Habib”

Public TV Media - Breaking News Alert

Public TV Media – Breaking News Alert

“All the Officials Hide Their Corruption by Accusing Pervaiz Musharaf of Rebelling”

(Reported by Aamer Habib) Ayesha Gulalai said that the properties and assets of richest people of Pakistan have been unveiled in this election. She further said that the rule of Pervaiz Musharaf was the best. She said that if Pakistani leaders would be sympathetic to poor, they devoted their half of the properties for them. She admired Musharaf’s era saying that the prices of fruits and vegetables were low in his rule and the prices of dollar too, so were the foreign debts. She declared that she is inspired of Pervaiz Musharaf’s rule. For more news, keep reading PublicTV News.

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