A Man Attacked by Armed Men _ Till When – Aamer Habib News Article about Cruelty

Aamer Habib Journalist in Dubai

Aamer Habib Journalist in Dubai

Innocent Suffered ___ Enmity Won!

A Man Attacked by Armed Men __ Till When?

PAKISTAN NEWS (Aamer Habib Journalist in Dubai) Another case of cruelty and barbarity! Some armed men attacked and injured a person. The incident happened in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. It occurred within jurisdiction of Chamb Kalan police station. The person being the victim of this barbaric action was identified as Saif. The attackers were equipped with weapons. They stopped Saif who was on the way to his house. They beat him violently and left him in a serious condition injured. According to Saif, it must be a misunderstanding as he neither had any enmity from anybody nor he himself was hostile towards anybody. What was the fault of Saif? Was he a trespasser in any way in this matter? Whose hostility part he faced? Will here ever be such efficient police and government who bother to save the life of poor public people? Will they ever consider the lives of public as important? Till when now and often such cruel incidents occurring will be going to take place?

What kind of humanity is this which teaches or allows harming any poor person without judging the real hostile? And even who have permit such savages to harm anybody even he is the enemy? What the laws are for? Why officials don’t consider these cruelties? Till when such innocent and sinless Saif will keep going to be a victim of the barbarity without any fault? A matter to think about! For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media.

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