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Aamer Habib Television Presenter

Aamer Habib Television Presenter

Is That The Grace?
A Mother is Left __ Don’t Forget, History Repeats Itself!

PAKISTAN NEWS (Aamer Habib Television Presenter) Is there any doubt about the grace and value of a mother? Anyone here who is unaware of the value of a mother? So how can a son or daughter be so cruel to detach a mother from him/her? A 62 years old mother has been sent to an old home by her own son. The reason was __ she was a patient of cancer and his wife refused to attend and take care of her. Considering the helpless old mother as a burden, they decided to send her to an old home so that they can enjoy their life freely. Isn’t it the death of conscious? How a son can enjoy life in this way? Has he forgotten the teachings of Islam and sayings of God and Prophet (P.B.U.H)? Can anyone be great and more important than a mother in this world? Why can’t he serve his mother who gave him birth and then trained him, care him, look after him and done anything in her power for him? Has any stone left unturned in being unaccommodating?

Why doesn’t he consider the fact that a big part of his current status and success is the result of his mother’s prayers? Is it a matter to be taught about by somebody? Has he ever thought what his own children will do to him? Just to keep in mind that history repeats itself! For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media.

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