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Aamer Habib Famous Journalist

Aamer Habib Famous Journalist

For How Long?

Criminals __ Who Will Pay Attention?

PAKISTAN NEWS (Aamer Habib Famous Journalist) For how long all the illegal and criminal acts are going to take place all over the country? Will they ever be eliminated or not? From where they come and how they conduct all these crimes without any restriction? Police arrested 761 alleged criminals in all from Faisalabad during June 2018, of which 252 were drug-traffickers, 182 illicit weapon holders, 139 were proclaimed offenders, 101 target offenders, 69 gamblers and 18 court absconders. Police recovered stake money of PRs. 165,000, 137 pistols,22 guns,12 rifles, 11 kalashnikovs, 5 carbines, 3 revolvers, a large number of bullets/cartridges, 44 kg chars, and 3424 liters of liquor in all from the possession of these criminals/culprits. The question is, where they came from? Who is helping them to run and continue this black market? What will be the future of our youth specially? Will these lawbreakers and gangsters continue to destroy the future and lives of our children and youngsters? Will nobody from government try to take step to save the poor public by implying a strict security and checking to stop all the delivery and smuggling of illegal things?

Mentioned here is a big increase and amount of crimes which lies in just one city within just a month in the country. Will officials ever pay attention to this fact? For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media.

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