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Aamer Habib Crime story Writer

Aamer Habib Crime story Writer

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Girl, a Way to Make Money __ Curse from God!

PAKISTAN NEWS (Aamer Habib Crime story Writer) Why do girls be considered as a source of getting money? What is the fault of this innocent creature that whoever wants, deals for their respect? Is there any humanity left in the society in the case of females? A 14 years old girl belonging to Karachi has been sold. The heart-rending fact is that her seller was none other than her own real mother. The girl on being recovered told the reason that she belongs to a poor family. She has 4 younger brothers and sisters. Her father has left them a while ago. When her mother got sick of the conditions, she decided to sell her eldest innocent daughter and did the same for 60,000. The people to whom she sold her were the traders of girls who use their respect for money-making. These girls ask about the sins which they haven’t committed but the punishment of which they bear. In front of whom such victim girls can cry? Whom they can call for help who free them from the obsession of beasts like that? Who will care for their respect when their own family not? How a mother can be cruel to the extent that she sells her own daughter by blood, just thinking about other children? Where are the guards of the daughters and sisters of the nation?

Will anyone ever raise voice for them? Will somebody ever care to take step for giving such a punishment to these traders that no one could think to do so again? Can our rulers be serious towards this matter so that this sinful and shameful trade could be stopped forever? If the same would be done to their own sisters and daughters, will they let it be? Curse from God is on the way! For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media.

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