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Aamer Habib Crime Reporter

Aamer Habib Crime Reporter

Food or Germs?

Restaurants __ What About Kitchens?

PAKISTAN NEWS (Aamer Habib Crime Reporter) The items we eat on the name of food in the restaurants are really food or a bundle of germs? Have you ever visited the area in a hotel where these food items are prepared? Have somebody from public enjoying food there ever thought to know about the reality on the back of a splendid outward look and services of a high-standard hotel? A reality has been revealed when a 3 start hotel’s kitchen was unexpectedly raided in the capital of Pakistan. The cooking and baking area was in a miserable condition. Most of the items used for preparing the eatables were expired. The water for usage was also dirty. A lot of flies and insects were roaming here and there to suck from the things under preparation process. The pots used in the process, in which items were being mixed, were covered with layers of dirt. The makers and bakers were preparing dishes without caring even to wash their hands. Where are the responsible officials?  What Ministries of Health and Food are doing? Are the owners of such hotels human? Will this act be continued and whoever wants will play with the health of public? Does the outward appearance and standard of a hotel be kept only to attract and grab people?

Will the public ever care to investigate once before trusting the full of glamour appearances of high-standard hotels? Aren’t the low-standard hotels better than such hotels that they at least don’t pretend to be much good or be hypocrite For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media.

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