A Great Example of Morality and Self-Esteem – Aamer Habib News Article about Morality

Aamer Habib News Reporter

Aamer Habib News Reporter

A Great Example of     and Self-Esteem

Never Let Your Conditions Weakened You

PAKISTAN NEWS:- (Aamer Habib News Reporter) Do in this era of fraud and deceit, such people exist who are helpless and poor yet they don’t seek other’s help and alms? Are self-made people present in this society yet? Yes! Some of them still do exist in the society like ours, who neither beg nor they seek help of others inspite of living in serious and worst conditions. Their conscience and self-esteem are alive. They are self-made and manage to earn their bread themselves in a respectable. Then even if they have to face starvation, they spend the time with patience but can’t ask others. A family has been found where the mother is a cancer patient, a son is blind, a daughter is paralyzed and father is a labourer who is now so weak that he hardly labours. Still this family has neither taken advantage of their diseases and conditions nor let them be their weaknesses. The mother use to sew clothes, the sister makes jewelry of beats, the son is expert in weaving chairs and cots, while the father labours to the best of his stamina. In this way, all the family members are earning to fulfill their basic needs. The mother needs treatment but they can’t afford, still they are thankful to God who is feeding them. Isn’t it a moment of shame for those who are healthy and able to earn by working hard, but they beg instead?

Aren’t the people like the family mentioned here the right ones to be helped inplace of frauds? Shouldn’t the government encourage such respectable and great humans by helping and favouring them? A great example of morality and self-esteem! For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media

Aamer Habib News Reporter

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