A New Technique of Looting People – Aamer Habib News Article about A Step-Father

Aamer Habib TV Anchor

Aamer Habib TV Anchor

Compelled Step- Daughter

A New Technique of Looting People

PAKISTAN NEWS:- (Aamer Habib TV Anchor) Can a father, no matter if he is step, sell his daughter’s respect? Are the consciences dead? How such frauds think how tricks like these to take advantage of others and rob them? An 46 years old aged person has been caught who used her step-daughter for looting rich people. The daughter told how this villainous person spreads the net to trap the prey. She told that first he forces her step-daughter to take a marvelous get up make-over and then he takes her along with him to a high society party, a shopping mall or a high restaurant. There he looks for a rich person and sends her towards him to trap her. The girl has to trap the person showing herself belonging to a high family, educated and innocent. She is educated and beautiful girl. She was compelled to act upon his orders, otherwise she, her mother and her sister should be ready to be beaten and abused. Once the person goes trapped in his trick, he talks to him through mobile sms, showing himself the relevant girl. Then he meets the person and shows that he is an uncle of the girl. He demands money to sew his lips and for keeping the secret from the girl’s parents. When the prey gets stucktotally, he exchanges a huge amount of money for sending the girl to spend a night with the person. He himself carries bad relations with the girl and the girl was helpless at all. Once her sister informed the police but the police released him after getting money. Is he really able to call father who himself plays with the respect of his daughter? How he get this idea to use the beauty and education of his step-daughter in this way? Can you imagine the helplessness of that girl, her sister and her mother?

Where can such oppressed people go when the condition and behavior of police is the mentioned one? Does such people don’t possess any sense of humanity? Don’t they fear God for a moment when they spoil the pious relationships? Why doesn’t anyone raise voice and help such poor girls to free them from the clutches of these devils? For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media.

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