Another Health Toxic Business – Aamer Habib News Article about Cold-Drinks

Aamer Habib TV Anchor

Aamer Habib TV Anchor

Another Health Toxic Business

Artificial Cold-Drinks __ How Harmful

PAKISTAN NEWS:-  (Aamer Habib TV Anchor) Hundreds of factories are producing adulterated and fake cold drinks all over the country especially in Karachi. The colors being mixed in these drinks are those used to dye clothes which are extremely harmful for the internal system of human body. Even the bottles on the names of well-known brands are packed in houses. There was a time when cold drinks were used only to serve guests but with the passage of time these came to be used commonly by everyone. Now the usage of cold drinks is how much common, you know it well. Taking advantage of this situation, black sheep of this business adopted the way of adulteration and making fake or artificial drinks to make money. Prepared by toxic chemicals, harmful gases and cloth colours, these cold-drinks are not only supplied to hotels and halls, but also being sold openly in markets. The chemicals and gases they contain directly affect the main internal organs of human body which can even cause cancer or failure of the organs. Do you also drink these dirty and artificial harmful drinks? What is the recognition of real and fake in the matter of cold-drinks? Should we abandon drinking them? Why doesn’t the government take notice and ban these factories? Are human lives so cheap or invaluable to be played with like that?

Why the brands whose names are being used for this black marketing don’t chase them? Is there any business left in our country which is pure of corruption, adulteration and deceit? Black-sheep everywhere!  For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media

Aamer Habib TV Anchor

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