Humanity Is Losing __ Enmity Is Winning – Aamer Habib News Article about Enmity

Aamer Habib Journalist in Dubai

Aamer Habib Journalist in Dubai

Tradition of Carrying the Hostility On

Humanity Is Losing __ Enmity Is Winning

PAKISTAN NEWS:-  (Aamer Habib Journalist in Dubai) Is enmity greater than humanity? What can people get by indwelling the hostility kept for years of years? A group of most dangerous bandits and robbers has been interviewed secretly. They are living in a desolate deserted area of Sindh, Pakistan. They possess the latest weapons which a normal robber or thief can’t even imagine of. The amazing fact is that none of the weapon is licensed. They are the true example and shape of hostility. They told that it’s in their blood and generations that they indwell and carry enmity. The lives of the people of both tribes i.e. their and their opponents or enemies, are never save due to each other. Almost 100 of men from both sides have been murdered on the name of enmity. For the same reason they always keep arrangements and managements of weapons either to attack or to save themselves.

They are always ready and well-prepared in this regard. It is surprising to know that even a seven years old child belonging to this tribe knows how to fire. Have they ever thought what will be the future of their children? Instead of getting them educated and training them to the right path, why they are compelling them to inhale enmity to carry and keep this tradition on? What happiness and satisfaction they can get by killing other Muslims even if they are enemies? Where the responsible government officials and police are? Why they don’t take notice and try to arrest them when there are enough proofs? How long this tradition is going to be continued? Will anyone ever take any step against it? Humanity is losing __ enmity is winning . . . For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media.

Aamer Habib Journalist in Dubai

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