Hundreds of Homes Destroyed – Aamer Habib News Article about Sniffer Dog Holders

Aamer Habib Anchor Person

Aamer Habib Anchor Person

Hundreds of Homes Destroyed

Cause ___ Sniffer Dog Holders

PAKISTAN NEWS:-  (Aamer Habib  Anchor Person) Why anybody didn’t try ever to investigate the underlying reality of sniffer dogs and their holders? What was the fault of those hundreds of homes and their habitants who fell a prey to such greedy Sniffer Dog Holders and Trainers? A Special Forces Team was formed to catch the culprits when many complaints had been received about some Sniffer Dog Holders. People who complained against them were of the view that the trained dogs they have can’t judge the true culprit. Because of this fact hundreds of homes in village areas have destroyed. The village from where most of the complaints were received, has the rule that the home whose habitant steals or robs, is set to the fire and all the family members of the relevant home are deported from the village. In this way, many innocent and sinless people have been suffered since half last century. When the team of Special Forces caught those sniffer dog holders along with the dogs red handed, there was a man in the village who revealed the reality. That man was himself a sniffer dog trainer. He told that when he realized that homes and innocent people can be destroyed by the information given by these dogs, he immediately stepped back from this work and denied to continue. He showed practically that the sniffer dogs are never able to trace a person by sniffing his smell. They just act upon the calls of their holders. When the holder says “Work”, they start to run. When he says “Good” they turn to the right. When he says “Check”, they turn to the left and when says “Find” they sit on the spot which is considered as the sign that the dog has smelled the culprit and the culprit belongs to this house. Now the trick their holders use is, they ask earlier cleverly during the chit chat with the claimer that whom he suspects. Now they manage to bring the dog to the suspected house and people also believe them at the base of suspicion. That’s how, even if none of the habitant of that home has committed the crime, but gets punished.

Is the main cause of this matter uneducated and ignorant people of villages? How easily these fraud holders of sniffer dogs fool people? Why don’t they think about those hundreds of innocents who have been destroyed because of them? Can a proof provided by the sniffing of a dog reliable and enough to punish a whole family? How can the consciences of such cruel sniffer dog holders be satisfied by choosing this way and adopting this profession just to make a lot of money? Curse is chasing them! For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media.

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