Is It Justified to Judge All on the Same Scale? – Aamer Habib News Article about Police

Aamer Habib Pakistani Journalist

Aamer Habib Pakistani Journalist

Are All the Humans Same?

Is It Justified to Judge All on the Same Scale?

PAKISTAN NEWS:-  (Aamer Habib Pakistani Journalist) It is a famous saying that all the humans are not same. This sentence also fits to the police department. We all know well about the image of police of our country. But it is also a fact that where almost 90% of them are corrupt, there remaining 10% of them are not only performing their duties honestly but also helping the poor people by doing what they can do for them. Same is the story of DSP Shams-ud-Din whose posting is in an under-developed area of Pakistan where mostly the labourers live. He is a kind-hearted officer who feels satisfaction and happiness in helping poor people. He manages a meal everyday in the afternoon for labourers where they come and have a lunch for free. He was even denying to give an interview but then he was convinced on the point that it can motivate others too and develop a better image of the police in the minds of public. He told that in the start when he determined and started this benevolent deed, he was alone to manage all this. But when his seniors and juniors come to know, many of them started to participate in this and cooperate with Shams-ud-Din. This practice is still going on and Insha Allah will be continued till any person like this DSP exists.

What do now say about it? Is it right to blame and calumniate all the police considering all of them as same? What about such kind-hearted and God fearing officers and employees who are honest to their duty and care for others? Is it justified to judge all on a same scale? The point to remember is that humanity still exists and many people value it. Evil is everywhere, in every institution and department but at the same time goodness is also there! For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media

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