The Fact of Black sheep Under the Cover of Shemales – Aamer Habib News Article about Shemales

Aamer Habib TV Host

Aamer Habib TV Host

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The Fact of Black sheep Under the Cover of Shemales

PAKISTAN NEWS:- (Aamer Habib TV Host) Is the respect of females save anywhere? Why don’t we fear God when committing an evil deed? Why the black sheep of the society are calumniating the real shemales proving themselves under their cover and then harassing females? A gang of shemales has been arrested by City Police Station, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan. Police was receiving many complaints regarding the fact that some males have assumed the get up of shemales. They are harassing the females under the evil business they were running. Whenever they find any chance during a function or routine, they take illegal advantage. As a link to this case, police arrested some suspects. All of the gang of seven shemaleswere proved males according to the medical reports. They have all the internal organs and system of a male but they have transformed their external looks by using supplements and laser technology. The remaining deficiency in looking like a female was covered with the help of behaving and acting. Why these people are so greedy and shirker that just to make money they have found this way?  Why such people want to stay faineant (idle) and seek this way of making money? Don’t they fear God while changing their genders? Why they want addition in that what they are made by the God?

Can’t they work like a man and earn respectably? Don’t such people have any respect for themselves even? Why any action has not taken by the responsible department earlier against them to save the lives that have ruined by them? What to say! For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media.

Aamer Habib TV Host

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