Investigative Journalists in Pakistan

Investigative journalism is a form of journalism in which a single topic of interest is investigated deeply i.e. serious crimes, political corruption, corporate wrongdoing etc. Investigative journalists research and prepare a report after a lot of hard work. Investigative journalism was traditionally conducted by newspapers, wire services, and freelance journalists and still is, but now TV media is also a notable source of investigative journalism.

Here you can see Investigative Journalists in Pakistan who started practically investigative journalism in Pakistan:

Aamer Habib Arman Sabir

Kamran Khan                                                       Saleem Shahzad

Rauf Klasra                                                          Arshad Sharif

Mubashir Lucman

If we talk about investigative journalists belonging to TV media currently in Pakistan, the following names are noteworthy:

Shahid Masood                                                   Kamran Khan

Mubasher Luqman                                             Hamid Mir

Talat Hussain                                                      Ansar Abbasi

Aftab Iqbal                                                          Moeed Peerzada

Iftikhar Ahmad                                                    Aamer Habib

JavedChaudhry                                                   Meher Bukhari

Iqrar-ul-Hassan Syed                                          Waseem Badami


The investigative journalists working for newspapers in Pakistan currently are:

Abbas Rashid                                                      Cyril Almeida

Azmat Abbas                                                       Ejaz Haider

Javed Chaudhry                                                  Farah Zia

Imtiaz Alam                                                         Khaled Ahmad

Naveed Ahmad                                                   Omar R. Quraishi

Sadia Fazal                                                          Shehar Bano Khan

Shahjahan Syed                                                  Saba Imtiaz

Urooj Zia                                                              Rahimullah Yusufzai

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