News Reporters in Pakistan

News reporting is an important category of journalism. All the news we hear, read or see are the results of hard work by news reporters. They reach the risky places and inform us about what’s going on in surroundings. News reporting involves discovering all relevant facts, selecting and presenting the important facts and weaving a comprehensive story. News Reporting demands stamina and patience.

Some of the top and famous news reporters working currently in Pakistan are:

Ali Rizvi                                   Kashmala Tariq                                  Kashif Muneer

Sohail Warraich Aamer Habib Asma Sherazi

Syeed Arfeen                           Nasir Abbas Naqvi                            Shahzaib Khanzada

Amir Mateen                           Gharida Farooqi                                Anwar Zaib

Nauman Khan                       Rana Javaid                                         JasminManzoor

Sadia Afzaal                             Sana Bucha                                         Ayesha Bakhsh

Maria Memon                        Sabir Shakir                                         Arif Hameed Bhatti

Ahtisham Amir-ud-Din        Maria Memon                                    Meher Bhukari

Mujeeb-ur-Rehman              Iqbal Jameel                                       Moeed Pirzada

Aftab Iqbal                              Kamran Shahid                                   Junaid Saleem

Mukarram Khan                     Nusrat Javaid                                     Sana Usman

Asma Chaudhry                       Faiza Sherazi                                      Aneela Aslam

HinaArya                                  Sarfraz Sheikh                                   Fizza Khan

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