Top Journalists in World

Courageous and passionate journalists can be found all over the world ___ to aware the people what’s going on in their surroundings i.e. corruption, wars, political and economic scandals. Here the top 10 journalists in the world:

Walter Cronkite

He has served as an anchor and managing editor of the show CBS Evening News. He is considered as the “most trusted man in America”. During World War-II, he remained the correspondent for United Press. He achieved numerous awards and 2009 at the age of 92.

Veronica Guerin

She was a fearless investigative journalist of Ireland. Veronica will remain renowned for crime lords’exposes. She received was even got shot but continued reporting. Her name is included in the International Press Institute’s 50 World Press Freedom Heroes.Drug barons murdered her in 1996 at the age of 36.

Peter Jennings

He mostly reported breaking news events, known as an American distinguished journalist.He covered the civil rights movement in the US and South Africa. On December 31, 1999, He anchored ABC’s coverage of Millennium Eve dated 31st of Dec., 1999 watched by around 175 million people. Jennings also co-authored two books, The Century and In Search of America. This legendary broadcaster died in Aug., 2005.

Kate Adie

She joined BBC in 1968 and reported the major wars and conflicts. She became famous in 1980 with the coverage of Iranian embassy siege in London. “I never desired to go into war zones, just happened as a part of the job” she told. She is now presenting “From Our Own Correspondent” on Radio 4 BBC.

Hu Shuli

Time magazine listed herin 2011 in the top 100 Influential people.She is a great Chinese journalist in the media-restrained country. She achieved the place of international editor and chief reporter at China Business Times. Hu Shuli is known well investigative pieces. She is now a board member of the International Women’s Media Foundation, and has received a number of international awards.

Christiane Amanpour

Now, a global affairs anchor for ABC News,CNN’s chief international correspondent, member of Committee to Protect Journalists and the International Women’s Media Foundation. She reached international desk reporting from several countries. This awards achiever interviewed many world’s top leaders.

Anna Politkovskaya

A Russian journalist known for covering Russian government’s human rights abuses in Chechnya. She was assassinated in 2006. Her fearless reporting was the cause of her murder. Investigations are still being.


Aamer Habib

Aamer Habib is very well known and one of the top journalist. He started his career his career as a crime reporter in 2012. Currently he is working in Public TV News as a news caster and program host with the name of a special investigation with Aamer Habib. He has written a famous book life and business.

Robert Fisk

This English journalist interviewed Osama Bin Laden 3 times, and multiple awards for covering war between Iran &Iraq War,Lebanon & Algeria, and the first and second Gulf wars have led him to win multiple awards.

Hunter S Thompson

He known as the father of ‘gonzo journalism’ which is a style of writing where the reporter is involved in the story, committed suicide when 67. He got immortalized for being a new journalism’s pioneer.

Sami Al Hajj

He is a Sudanese cameraman who was arrested in 2001 on Pak- Afghan border and locked for 60 years in the US military prison. Sami was beaten and interrogated more than 130 times and released in 2008 finally. He rejoined Al Jazeera and now serving as the head ofits Public Liberties and Human Rights Desk.

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