Allah blessings on human’s life by AAMER HABIB

What are some of the biggest blessings of Allah on Man’s life?

It is not possible to count all the blessings of Allah on our lives but some of the major blessings I’m just mentioning below:

  • This whole life is one of the major blessings of Allah.
  • Death is another major blessing of Allah.
  • Hope is the third among them.
  • Our Family and friends are also included in these blessings.
  • Different periods of a day (morning, afternoon, evening and night) according to which we earn and sleep, are blessings of ALLAH.
  • The chance of forgiveness after committing sins is a unique gift from Allah.
  • Every single part of our body is a blessing, if anyone of them would be defective, damaged or uncompleted; just imagine how we will survive and how we can live a perfect life.
  • Our thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions are also included in the best blessings of Allah.
  • This worldly wealth through which we can fulfill our needs is also a great blessing of Allah.
  • The flow of time, 4 seasons a year, food, air, water, fire, soil, beautiful natural views and all the other things included in this nature are blessing of Allah.

So, if we are poor or facing difficulties, we should never forget that this life is limited and will come to an end sooner or later, then one day our all problems will be gone with our death. So, no need to worry at all, because there is a time limit to everything whether it is happiness, sadness, difficulties or even life. Always be happy and pay thanks to Allah that he has blessed us with this and death after it.

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