Freelancing, Its benefits and who should work as a freelancer by Aamer Habib

Freelancing Lecture one (Aamer Habib) Many people never satisfied with their career or job, you perform your duty from 9-5 pm but you didn’t get the sense of achievement and satisfied that you want to achieve. Because of this reason freelancing concept became famous and widely spread concept during the last 15 years. 


  1. It gives you freedom that is your own boss rather than being employed by someone. Who hire you from 9-5 pm but after this you didn’t get the satisfaction. You work as robot from Monday to Saturday but get no sense of achievement
  2. That achievement which you get from computer such as fame, self-employment or monitory benefits/independence. You can’t get these from any other industry.
  3. Computer work is so easy and simple to do. All you need is computer/laptop and internet connection and you can do computer tasks.
  4. In freelancing world you are relax and in flexible environment. You are not bound to do nay task forcefully.
  5. You are not answerable to anyone except the client you hire you for his project.

There are many market places for freelancing. Freelancing is for those who want to achieve their dreams materialistically, because;

  1. They give more preferences to self-independence
  2. They give more preferences to being their own boss
  3. They give more preferences to financial independence
  4. They wants that they give answer to themselves rather than answerable to everyone.

When you do any freelancing work, you put your country name at the top of your goals, because you perform the duty of your country brand ambassador.  Freelancing is all about to loyal to yourself.

If you want to get fame in this freelancing world then you need;

  1. Hard work
  2. Self-assessment
  3. Dedication

You are not answerable to anyone;

  1. You get the work from client.
  2. You accomplish tasks,
  3. You get money.
  4. Client give you feedback and this is your pride, you can bright your country name through this

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