How we can achieve maximum success in our life as a freelancer by Aamer Habib(Journalist)

Freelancing Lecture and Research Two (2) By Aamer Habib

For achieving success in life there are 5 main key factors;

  1. VISION:

If you have no goal in your lie then you never understand that how you reach your target. As a freelancer if you want to be successful then you must have vision in your life.


You never get the top position if you have no vision and big thinking as well. You must set your vision such as you want to be a self-employed and freelancer and also recognize your name and your country name also.

“Aim for the moon, if you miss you may hit a start”

This is a big saying of W.CLEMENT STONE. So to think big is very important.


Naysayers are those people who always dis courage and underestimate you. In recent time people consider that as a freelancer we can’t do anything because many countries already make their place in freelancing world. So there is no chance for you. You face these types of people on every stage. You have to filter out these people to get success.


For getting success, work hard and punctuality is very much important. If you make punctuality your habit then you automatically get success. If you set goal that:

  1. you have to do specific % of work daily
  2. boycott the social media during work
  3. pick up no calls
  4. give focus and sincerity only for work

If you get fame then it is your responsibility that you use your knowledge, money and experience to pay back your community. You can give anyone thing also.