How we can be successful in our both lives (Before and After Death by AAMER HABIB

How can we be successful in our both lives (before death and after death)?

  • Always keep in mind that without the help of Allah you can’t do anything.
  • Always donate something for the sake of Allah.
  • Always discuss your issues with Allah.
  • Always pray to Allah.

Start everything with the name of Allah, Without Allah’s acceptation there’s no success in the life of world.

  • Pray for 5 times a day
  • Recite Quran and follow it.
  • Always remember Allah and fear Him.
  • Never speak too much.
  • Health should be the top priority.
  • Relationships should be the second most important.
  • Business or job should be the third most important.
  • Do research, plan, take action and be consistent on any decision.

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