Twenty (20) Qualities of best Journalists by Aamer Habib

20 QUALITIES OF BEST JOURNALISTS is written by Aamer Habib – Journalist

Journalism is a field that is not competes by anyone.There are onlyfew types of people who can be expert in this field. For a good journalist it is important to have some qualities in your personality. The standard of these qualities also different from each other such as some qualities can be work on every level but remaining qualities only suitable for high standard jobs of journalism.Every person can’t be able to handle all these qualities in one time. There are also different types of journalists, many journalists become too straight forward but some are too polite to handle situation. But for good and successful journalists there is need of specific qualities that person must have these qualities are as follow;



In journalism there is no space for mistake, so before publish any news;

  • You must confirm that whether your information is accurate or not.
  • Information is checked properly
  • Focus on details and accuracy of all information.

In journalism field speed is also very important, e.g. if you are a writer and also have a good speed of writingthen you can write one story in one day. So for journalists writing speed matter a lot because he has a deadline and in which he has to write all detail. If you not write writing deadline then you can’t be able to become successful journalist.


Curiously is a necessary quality of journalist, if he has no quality then he can never cover potential story.If he is curious;

  • He can find out secret information easily as well.
  • He can broaderhis interests
  • He is keen to learn more from different people, places or different events as well.
  • He also must have interest in current affairs of his country.

A journalist is a person who has well knowledge about everything. He is not a complete person but can owna wide range of knowledge. It is beneficial for him because if any one ask question from him then he is able to give proper and relevant answer to him.


Journalists also haveresearching skills, because he is not a complete person who knows everything related to any field. So in this situation it is good for journalist to conduct research on different topics with specific time. Every topic needs research so in this situation journalist must consult with research resources to make research validate.


Writing skills are also very important in journalist personality because through writing skills youcan show your abilities. Journalist as a writer must;

  • Write simple
  • Good knowledge of grammar
  • Write with easy English that is also understand by people
  • Good spellings
  • Punctuation

A journalist must have interviewing skills; he met many people on daily basis to cover his story title. So in this situation it is important for him to;

  • Ask good questions from people at specific time period.
  • Show confidence during asking questions
  • Show happiness as a pleasing persons
  • Good listener so that he can easily get answers of the questions.

Objectivity of journalist is very important, he must show objectivity no matterwhat type of situation he faces.

  • He writes his story which has no biasness, impartiality.
  • He writes without any political views.
  • Provide new ideas and views.
  • No use of fixed ideas in story

A journalist must have quality to build friendly relationships with people. he make his list long by building contacts. He use these contact for source. If you get any news you can also call your friends for support.


It is very good technique because in this journalist shows that he is a part of a story but at the same time he is not a part of a story. There is need of only some partition in story. Butnever too involve in the story that at the end you finish your story with your personal thinking.


If journalists not fulfill his commitment then he has to work extra hours to accomplish his task. So in this situation journalist fulfill his commitment within specific time.

  • If he get ant breaking story then he has to work on Sunday too.
  • He also give his personal life time to his job
  • He must follow basic human and democratic values for his job.

Disciple and punctuality are the two most important qualities of journalist.

  • If he is discipline person then he can complete his task on time.
  • He can work constantlywith specific time period
  • People start trusting him because of his discipline
  • He Give people confidence about his work

A journalist must have passion about his profession;

  • He is keen to get new information
  • Uncover new scandals
  • Give information to people
  • If you have any back in this profession then you can never develop passion in yourself
  • Passionate people can complete their tasks with interest.

Journalism is a field in which there is too much burden and tough routine, you can’t even get time for yourself. You have to cover many stories. So in this situation if you use the sense of humor ten you can make tense environment lighter.


A true journalist is fearless, he never afraid of tough situations;

  • He face the tough questions ask from people
  • He situated in the mid of dangerous situation
  • He never afraid of risks
  • He face the adventures also

Loyalty is also a good quality of journalist. Journalist never forgets that he is a journalist and he has to perform his duties as journalist. He also give priority to people, so he raise voice for public interests.


A journalist must have kindness in his nature. You as a journalist have to meet with different people. he shows kindness when he met with people.


Trustworthiness is very good quality because as trustworthy people start trusted you. In time of any help people, coworkers help you if they have trust in you, any ways no one came for help.


a sense of tenacity is agood quality of journalists. if you work as journalist you never lose hope easily unless you face the challenge and also defeat it.


Journalists are a self-motivated people with passion, interest, courage and every good quality.