What is Marketing and Its Process by Aamer Habib

WHAT IS MARKETING and Its Process Lesson # 02 By Aamer Habib?

Whether you read some book of marketing, find out website or any YouTube video you come to know that first step must be what is marketing? Here we explain marketing with daily routine examples.


  1. You sit in your house, phone ring you pick up the call, on the other side lady speak to you and said that her name is Saima and she belongs to some famous insurance company, she wants to tell you about package that if you sign up package then you can get 20% discount as offer by company for you and for your family. So the question is whether Saima doing marketing job?
  2. When you go for shopping at some shopping mall, bazaar or super store you see that many people sale things just in Rs 10, 20 or with some discount or offer buy one get one free etc., so again the question is whether they also doing marketing job?

The answer of both questions is YES they are doing marketing job. Saima use telephonic technology for job where as the men in shopping mall use selling techniques for marketing. This is not a whole concept of marketing. Marketing concept is very vast.



Process of marketing is all about;

  1. Creating (to make)
  2. Communicating (to tell)
  3. Delivering (transfer from one place to another)
  4. Exchanging (to get one thing instead of other)
  5. Offering (all services and products make by company, company give values to customers in the form of services and products and also take values in return)

All these above 4 things included in services and product services and in return company/organization get values


First we discuss that what is the actual meaning of creative values? E.g. if we take a shelf in which we see different things related to different categories, company’s certain process involve in making of different things. We called this process as creating values.

“Marketing is a process through which company recognize that what is the requirement of customer,  so company make things according to customers demand.”


Marketing is a name of communicating values, you make product and make very good quality products. To promote your products you need to convey effective message to people so that they become well aware about your product. But effective message is compulsory. To give effective message to customers is called communicating values, so that customers listen you carefully with attention and interest.


You make products, also convey message but now there is need of delivering. You have to move products to customers place by using online or offline means. Delivering the products and services are the job of organization. Company delivers products to customers. All this process is called marketing.


On this step company and customers both get reward. This step is related with actual selling. E.g. you make a product, you sell this product to customers and in return they pay money to you. You get financial value and client get product. Only purpose of business is not to earn money, this is very important that you sell product and also earn money but whether you satisfied your customers or not? If he is happy then he give you 5 stars and also become ambassador of your products. They also promote your product among their friends and relatives. This will increase your customer’s number. The main objective of your product marketing is to give satisfaction to your customers.

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