An international journalist must have few qualities

International journalism
Before discussing about International Journalist it is necessary to know about international journalism .It is study of political science, and the study of international relations. it gives you the good understanding of global issues and problems across the borders. it shows you the
overlook of economics, culture, politics of the world.

International journalists:
International journalist is a person who is able to use the knowledge of tools in journalism. A journalist need a lot of training and study time in subjects related to international journalism. There are many indicators that effects the journalistic competencies and basic characteristics such as (age, education, studying). In many societies there are different names for
journalists such as watchdog of government, and interpreter etc.

An international journalist must have few qualities:

  • Attitude towards profession:

The willingness to travel around the world in specified time to gather information and the knowledge of new reporting skills and the urge to acquire multimedia skills are the basic needs of today’s journalism industry

  • Multi lingual understanding:

The ability to speak and the command over what are you speaking. One should have the full understanding of what he is reporting. As English is an international language so the journalist must have a full grip on english, whereas he must know about different international languages to understand the global finance, politics, and culture.

  • relationship qualities

Humbleness and kindness are keys to become successful in a profession.
Journalism is not a study that you can learn much by sitting in colleges, education is not a journalist’s skill. If you have capability to make friends in multiple cultures and you have skill for story telling then you can be a good international journalist.

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