List Of Some Famous Journalists 2019

The term journalism consists of qualities such as passion for writing, professional tactics of articulation, unraveling the truth in front of the world and to aware the readers. There are Famous Journalists who are still alive in the remembrance of people. These were the people who were devoted and loyal to their profession and they were eager to present nothing but less than truth. However, with the change in time and traditions of society, there have a lot of corruptions in the journalism as well. Today, in the new Era of journalism there are various instances wherein the pen of the renowned journalists has been unfortunately utilized to misguide the public or to gain popularity. Despite that there are courageous and determined personalities in the list of journalists whose souls were profound into their writing.
There are many Famous Journalists that are still engraved in the in the history with golden words.

Robert Upshur “Bob” Woodward
He has started his career with The Washington Post in the year 1971, as investigative reporter gained praise by bringing to light the truth of the “Watergate scandal”. His effort changed many investigations, which results in the annihilation of President Richard Nixon political possession.

Walter Winchell
He gears up his career as a gossip magazine columnist but he was familiar as one of the most advanced celebrity correspondents as his column was appeared in more than 800 newspapers daily.

Margaret Bourke-White
She was the first woman photojournalist, she present enormous bravery during the Second World War. He was photographing historical moments during the rivalry.

Robert Capa.
He is one of the most Famous Journalist who kept the kept the standard of journalism high. His area of interest was picturing warfare. He was the winner of 1992 Pulitzer Prize for commentary; he was indeed a devoted, passionate and a true contest journalist who invented the concept of capturing actions in live battles at intense closeness. He did tremendous job during the World War II and Spanish civil war.
Unfortunately, his craze demise him during the Vietnam War.

Aamer habib:
Aamer Habib is very recognized and Famous International Journalist. He is working in Public TV news as a newscaster.  He is very proficient and eminent in investigative journalism and article writing. He also host a program name ‘Special investigation with Aamer Habib .He is famous for providing media related services in Pakistan and UAE.
He is also Co-founder of, and

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