Top International Journalists _ Famous Journalists List 2019

A journalist is a person who collects information from different sources and presented as a news
to a bigger audience through different modes like radio, television, newspaper or internet.
In this article we will discuss some Famous International Journalists and their achievements
from all over the world, who covers all type of stories, ranging from current affairs to global

  • Julian Assange

A famous website named as ‘WIKILEAKS ‘was founded by an Australian
computer programmer named Julian Assange.His date of birth is 3 July
1971.He is well known in world’s Famous International Journalists list.
Julian studied mathematics at university of Melbourne, eventually he
started his career as computer programmer and started working on the
website named ‘WIKILEAKS’ which published secret information and
news leaks of different countries. He was presented with the SAM award
in October 2010,in 2011 he won Sydney peace foundation gold medal .he
also won Martha Gel horn prize for journalism.

  • Jeremy Clarkson:

Clarkson is the British famous Tv broadcaster and writer. His date of birth
is 11 April 1960.He is also famous as motor journalist .He became
famous international Journalist when he hosted BBC ‘TOP GEAR’ from
1988 to 1998 and then from 2002 to 2015.He laid the foundation of The
motoring press agency in 1984,which helped him to enter in motor
journalism. His bold and controversial opinions on several brands made
him a popular figure in motor journalism.

  • Anderson Cooper:

Anderson Cooper is an American journalist and a tv icon. He presented
the news show ‘Anderson cooper 360’.He is also known as Anderson
Hays cooper and his date of birth is 3 June 1967.he won ‘Bronze tally
award’ for his coverage of famine in Somalia.

  • Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan is a British Tv journalist and broadcaster who presented the
show ‘Good Morning Britian’.His date of birth is 30 March 1965. He was
selected as a judge on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

  • Virginia Vallego

Virginia Vallejo is a journalist, media personality and socialite from
Colombia. Her date of birth is 26 August 1949.Vallejo is the first journalist
who interviewed the famous drug lord ‘Pablo Escobor’; this made him a
famous international journalist.

  • Naga munchetty:

Naga munchatty is an accomplished British Indian television presenter
and a journalist .She presented BBC one religious and current affairs
discussion program ‘Sunday Morning drive’ and ‘BBC two weekday
financial affairs program ‘Working lunch’.

  • Aamer habib:

Aamer habib is very well known and famous International Journalist. He is
working in Public Tv news as a newscaster .He also host a program
name ‘Special investigation with Aamer Habib .He is famous for providing
media related services in Pakistan and UAE. He is also Co-founder of, and

  • Sami Al Hajj

Sami Al Hajj is a Sudanese cameraman was working for Al Jazeera .He was
arrested on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2001. He was
locked up in the US prison in Guantanamo Bay; Cuba for over 6years.He was
accused of having contacts with al-Qaeda.He was released in 2008 and rejoined
Al Jazeera, he serves as the head of the channel’s Public Liberties and Human
Rights Desk.

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