Pakistan and International World and Negative Role of Pakistani Media by Aamer Habib

Journalism or Criticism?

Aamer Habib (Pakistani Journalist) Enriched in natural resources, physical features, multiple cultures and traditions, the beautiful country of Pakistan unfortunately could not flash its colorful, truly bright and soft impact to the world just because of the critical and materialistic attitude of its media. The country of 220 million residents definitely has many achievements on international fronts in every field but they are suppressed somewhere under the heap of horrific and terror creating newspresented by Pakistani media.In fact the real Pakistan is quite different from the portrayed Pakistan. Why media is reluctant to present the real Pakistan? Are the journalists fulfilling their duties properly? Has there any discussion left other than politics and terrorism in Pakistan? Today we’ll unveil some realities lying in the answers of these questions. So let’s start:

Role of Pakistani News Channels:

Every news channel of Pakistan is discussing and showing the news of politics. But the bitter fact is that they are not talking neutrally. They just favour any one political party of their choice like PTI, PPP, PMLN etc. They are not conveying any valued information to the public. Point to ponder is, haven’t they any information other than politics? Is only politics necessary or crucial to run a channel? Pakistani channels are just making their ratings as higher as they can by taking the advantage of public’s interest in politics. Talk shows are conducted, some politicians are invited, and they criticize each other. It’s all about to grow rating, earn money and be popular. They take it as an entertainment.

Attitude of Pakistani Journalists:

Moreover, the manners of anchors are below average. They don’t care of the standard and their voice meets the heaven. They behave like they are investigating and judging others. They just know to criticize others and have forgotten about their actual duties. But on the other hand, not all the journalists are same. Some are fulfilling their responsibilities in true meaning. Example is Iqrar-ul-Hassan of Pakistan who is working for the welfare of public and helping people to get their rights.

Attitude of Pakistani Public:

One other point to be considered is the personal interest of Pakistanis in politics. If you meet a Pakistani even in a foreign country, he’ll discuss just politics. He will favour and praise the leaders of the party of his choice, and criticize other parties’ leaders.He doesn’t even like to listen about another party. While if a foreigner meets you, he’ll discuss or talk on some useful information like future plans, success and failure of business etc. My question to the public is:what do they get by favouring any party? These  leaders don’t think of your benefit rather they just use you. So, it’s time to realize this fact and stop spoiling your relations with others due to favourism in politics.

Pakistani Media Availing the Benefits:

In the light of above discussion, the Pakistani mediais cashing the interest of Pakistani public by running political programs and growing their ratings. They don’t care that their act is causing depression to people. This is so critical a situation. Pakistani channels should run informational programs like about health and fitness, jobs, education, business etc. At the moment, no attention is being given towards making public aware of some beneficial tips and facts.

A Real Journalist:

Everyone says that journalism is a holy profession. But the question is, what kind of journalism? The one which conveys worthy information to the public? Or the one which is used just to make money by getting higher ratings through criticizing others? A true and real journalist is the one who conducts proper research, collects information based on facts, and provides it to the public. He finds out what the public needs to know about, and does his work accordingly. This is a hard work demanding process and not everyone is able to do it. Such a true and honest to his profession journalist is eligible to be called a holy journalist. Purpose of journalism is to aware people of rich information, not depressing them. BBC and CNN are the best examples of true journalism.

Fake Journalists Working in Pakistan:

Now we’ll talk about fake journalists. They are the ones who don’t possess any proper degree of journalism. They think all they need is just a website, aYouTube channel,and a camera. They start to work without any know-how of journalism rules and requirements. They make a video and upload it on internet, which is not research based and often not fact based. They even interfere in the private issues of public. This is one of the main reasons of Pakistan’s negative image in the world.

International Conspiracies:

Pakistan is a rising power and has the ability to lead the Muslim world. It is located in the heart of the Muslim world and occupies a very important geographical location. Due to this reason the prevailing super powers find Pakistan to be a threat to their supremacy that’s they have gained the control over Pakistani media by different means. It is an effective weapon to catch a nation’s attention. Some of the news agencies are owned by non-Pakistanis. While some channels and journalists are given huge amounts and other benefits to present a negative impact of Pakistan to the world. These are real traitors.

Request to the Government:

After explaining the role of Pakistani media and Pakistani journalists in the negative image of Pakistan all over the world, we put some requests before the government. First of all, the so-called fake journalists must be banned. Otherwise, they will continue to spoil Pakistan’s image in the entire world by spreading news without research. These fake journalists should be restricted to upload others’ videos and fake news on social media. Secondly, those who are able enough, should get registered properly. A license should be allotted to them like other professions. There should be institutes of journalism.Thirdly, the existing certified and popular journalists must be controlled and strictly ordered to fulfill their duties properly, improve their manners, behave humanly and stop favouring or judging any person. Fourthly, public should be made aware to be conscious now and stop taking interest in wasteful politics. Finally, there should be a proper check and balance for Pakistani news channels. All the unbeneficial trendy talk shows should be banned and channels must be ordered to run informational programs instead, so that public can get benefit rather than being depressed.

Let’s improve the image of our beloved country!

According to international researches Pakistanis are among the most generous nations in the world. They put a lot of effort in charity works. Pak army is ready to create peace and offer its services to serve the humanity at international level. Pakistanis as a nation are very kind and loving. Pakistani doctors and engineers are matchless in their capacities. The students are grabbing top positions in high class international universities. Pakistan has been ranked top in many sports for decades. In their limited resources Pakistan can perform their best. Its fruits, rice, cloth, wood and medical and sports goods meet the international standards. It has fascinating touring sites. Why not these all plus points are highlighted?I also request the international readers to please visit Pakistan and witness the facts before making any judgment about Pakistan. I strongly believe that u will find the real Pakistan so beautiful and amazing.Every channel must contribute towards it. There should be equal distribution of time for different programs which bring out the soft image of Pakistan and its rich traditions by presenting facts.

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