Aamer Habib International Journalist

Aamer Habib is a well-known name in the worlds of journalism, media, business, social media influencing, social working, book and article writing, information and content providing, business consultancy, fitnesstraining, lecturedelivering and motivational speaking

Aamer Habib (Urdu: عامرحبیب) is an international journalist registered under Govt. of Pakistan (SECP) and Govt.ofUnited Arab Emirates (Dubai Media City). Started his career from Pakistan Television (PTV), he isworking as an independent investigative journalist, TV anchor, news caster, investigative journalist, crime reporter, business journalist and article writer for many years. He has started his own television channel with the name of “Public TV Media” and a news and media agency named as “Public News and Media Corporation


Aamer Habib is also a well-known business, advertising, marketing, branding and media expert with 10 years of experience currently having a staff of more than 300 start ups, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals besides 100 VAs with minimum 5 years of experience and 100+ tasks capability in relevant fields.He is CEO and Managing Director of valuable businesses in Pakistan and UAE named as:

(i) PTV Marketing Management. (ii) Future Star Rent a Car LLC. (iii) Public TV Media. (iv) AamerHabib Consultancy Services. (v) islamabadmarkets.com (iv) peopleperwork.com
Publak Group of Companies:  (i) Publak Fashion SMC (Pvt)Ltd (ii) Publak FoodSMC (Pvt)Ltd (iii) Publak FoodSMC (Pvt)Ltd. (iv) Publak TradingSMC. (Pvt)Ltd (v) Publak Real-Estate SMC (Pvt) Ltd. (vi) Publak Car DealersSMC (Pvt)Ltd. (vii) Publak  International Institute SMC (Pvt) Ltd.

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AamerHabib is providing consultancy services in Pakistan as well as in UAEwith an experience of consultancy services providence to 300 companies. The mission of AamerHabib Consultancy and Services team is to never say a “no” in providing you with the best of help and solutions of problems in the mentioned fields including:

(i) A to Z Business Solutions. (ii) Profit Building Solutions. (iii) Virtual Assistant (People Per Work). (vi) A to Z Media Solutions. (v) HR (Jobs & Employees) Solutions. (vi) Investment Consultancy & Services. (vii) Buying, Selling & Renting Facility. (viii) Designing & Printing Services. (ix) Video Production & Promotions. (x) Training & Coaching Solutions. (xi) Event and Networking Solutions. (xii) Rent a Car, Car Trading & Transportation Services

Aamer Habib completed his post-graduation from NUML, Islamabad Campus in International Relations in 2012. He thensteppedinprofessionallifeandhoisting the flags of success till now. Below are the details of his achievements and experiences in different fields.

    • Hestartedhiscareerasan active reporter at Pakistan Television (PTV).
    • Hehasworkedwithanumberofmediacompanies. Now he is running a news channel “Public TV Media” and also appears as a journalist, anchor, news caster and host here.He has recorded 500+ TV programs and reports yet.
    • He is doing a signature program “Today with Aamer Habib” in which illegal acts of society andcrimes are exposed especially related to corruption,organization managements,poverty, terrorism, basic needs problems, human rights violation, etc.with facts and actual reasons.
    • Hehas10 years of experienceinbusinessfield and his major businesses have been mentioned earlier.
    • He has experience of consultancy services providence to 300 companies.
    • Heiscurrently having a staff of more than 300 start-ups, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals besides 100 VAs with minimum 5 years of experience and 100+ tasks capability in relevant fields.
    • He is the owner of 2 car dealing and renting companies “Future Star Rent ACar” and “Publak Car Dealing”.
    • He has worked for “The International Newspaper” as an article writer for 2 years. Moreover, hehaswrittenabove 500 articlesondifferentaspectstillnow.
    • He is also a motivational speaker and writerwhotries his best to spread hope and strength among humans. Many videos havebeenrecordedaswellasarticleswrittenbyhiminthisaspect.
    • He isamediaandbusiness trainer whohasgiventraining to more than 150 people yet.
    • He has written a famous book with the name of “Business and Life”.
    • Heisa fitness coachandalsoworksasapersonaltrainer at “Ahlan GYM” in Dubai.
    • He is Co-founder and Chairman of “A United Force Organization” whereheservesasan appraisable social
    • He is registered at“Dubai Media City”.
  • Heis certified from “National Media Counsel”aswellas “Dubai Press Club”.
  • Hedelivers lectures at “Digital Marketing Institute”.
  • Heisan active member of “Pakistan Social Center”(Sharjah)and “Pakistan Business Council”(Dubai).

Aamer Habib is Co-founder and Chairman of a famous organization with the name of “A United Force Organization(AUFO)” certified from Pakistan.Thisorganizationhasbeenestablishedtoworkforwell-beingofhumanityby every possible mean considering thepoor people, patients andprisoners as special targets. The main aims of this organization are:

  • Prosperity
  • Peace
  • Unity
  • Social Welfare
  • Human Rights Violation(especially in Pakistan).

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The mission of Aamer Habib and his team is to never say a “no”and always stay ready to offer a helping hand towards humanity. Aamer Habib has arranged a special team of experts from every field of businesses he runs to provide convenience to others with the best of advice and solutions. His success is the fruit of years of his untiring efforts. The main aim of his life is to grow, and help others grow. Aamer Habib always stays a step forward when it comes to help humanity socially or to motivate it.His next steps are:

  • To make himself recognized as a great Pakistani ambassador all over the world.
  • To establish a practical institute where different skills and techniques should be taught.
  • To stay spreading awareness among public and motivate them through his programs and articles.
  • To upgrade his social welfare organization(A united Force) to next level.
  • To keep running his current businesses more professionally and smoothly.