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Aamer Habib Consultancy is one of the leading Virtual Assistance companies, we are working with more than 300 Startups, Entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals spread majorly across the US, UK, Australia, Middle East and Pakistan.

Our core competency lies in our stringent hiring and training process where only 2 of the 100 applicants make it to the final list of Aamer Habib Consultancy Assistants. Today we have over 100 VAs, each one having a minimum 5 years of corporate experience and hands-on training on 50+ assistant tasks.

Benefits of having a VA

  • Zero Overhead cost
  • No liability
  • No Hiring-Rehiring
  • Every VA is assigned to a Manager, your single point of contact for all the concerns and issues.

Who is your VA?

  • Well-trained professionals who can multitask (trained in 50+ tasks)
  • 5+ years of corporate work experience
  • Strong written & spoken communication (English)
  • Adept with the latest digital tools and techniques to carry out the tasks

Executive Assistant

• Manage to-do Isis
• Update calendar & set reminders.
• Schediie meeSngs.
• Manage inbox.
• Fotowip* (vendors, team).
• Personal Social Media updates.
• Track & Manage Expenses.
• Online Secondary Rosearch. Manage Travol

Social Media Assistance

  • Set up social media accounts.
  • Schedule posts on Buffer & Hootsuite.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Follow & retweet target audience.
  • Respond to customer queries.
  • Make créatives on Canva.
  • Make créatives on Infogram.
  • Create questions on Quora,
  • Create Reddt/Pinterest threads,
  • Create UTM trackers

Project Management

  • Followup with relevant POCs.
  • Manage Team
  • Asana/Trello/project plan.
  • Create reports.
  • Perform analytics.
  • Format spreadsheets

Inbox management

  • Write business emails.
  • Create labels & sort emails,
  • Clear spam and trash.
  • Manage contact lists.
  • Upload visiting card info, to contacts

Digital Marketing Assistance

  • Upload & Manage FB ads.
  • Upload & Manage Quora ads.
  • Create email databases.
  • Create email newsletters.
  • Run Mailchimp & Woodpecker campaigns

Linkedln Assistance

  • Increase Linkedln connections.
  • Engage relevant pecple on Linkedln.
  • Post in relevant groups.
  • Send messages to cold contacts.
  • Manage Linkedln Sales Navigator

Finance Assistance

  • Create Estimates & Send Invoices.
  • Followup for payments.
  • Create expense reports

HR Assistance

  • Create JDs & post jobs.
  • FoBowup with candKlates.
  • Filter joto apçticants.
  • Setup mtervttws.

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